I thought Probiotics were only used for gut health.

No. When used topically, Probiotics serve to strengthen barrier integrity and:

  • Increase the skin’s defense mechanism.

  • Support good bacteria while reducing bad (pathogenic) bacteria and pollutants.

  • Help balance the skin’s pH and reduce inflammation.

  • Increase and preserve hydration.

  • Reduce red/irritated skin while stimulating repair/renewal. 

What are other topical health benefits offered in the products besides Probiotics?

Safflower acids are rich in linoleic acid, which helps prevent irritated skin and is excellent in repairing and moisturizing the coat. The Doodle’s coat will stay glossy and healthy as a result. Vitamin E ensures your dog has a healthy and shiny coat and helps prevent common skin conditions such as canine dermatitis, which presents as dry, itchy skin, hotspots, and dandruff.

Why did you create a line that targets Poodle-Mix breeds?

Purebred Poodles rarely shed, which is both good and bad. Non-shedding environmental pollution/allergens can then gather topically, creating skin issues. Albeit those concerns are minimized with an F1 Doodle. However, they creep back in as F1B, F2, and F2B, etc., bringing the dominant poodle mix back and less shedding. These Poodle mix breeds need topical protection and ingredients to help when/if inflammation occurs. So, we set out to make the world’s first dedicated Premium Doodle line of products, which targets those specific concerns, combined with personal love and gratitude for these dogs. 

Can Any dog benefit from The Distinguished Doodle products?

Yes. Our products were formulated with NO Parabens or Sulfates, which benefits every type of dog. Poodles and Poodle-Mix breeds are generally more susceptible to skin irritations through various factors, targeted explicitly by The Distinguished Doodle products. Your dog may not suffer from those same factors, but it will still benefit from the probiotic protection and feel soft and smell amazing with TDD!


The issues veterinarians point to with a Poodle mix (fur and skin) are generally caused by the following: Heredity, Environmental, Diet, and harsh Chemicals (Parabens/Sulfates, etc.) These factors can lead to an unhappy Doodle with excessive itching, hot spots, hair loss, and even off-putting odors. So, the decision was made to address those factors first!

How long can I expect my products to last?

Products should be used within two years from the date of opening. We certainly hope you spoil your Doodles more frequently than that. They deserve to feel great!

How long before I receive my order?

Standard order processing is 24 hours. We ship from Arizona, USA, via USPS/UPS (2-5 business days).  

Where can I find The Distinguished Doodle near me?

The Distinguished Doodle is sold at www.thedistingusisheddoodle.com. We will explore some community-based businesses that share our values and understand the brand's uniqueness.

Is there a right way to store these products?

Due to the high amounts of natural, organic, and probiotic ingredients, we suggest a cool, dry area away from direct sunlight or high temperatures above 85 Fahrenheit.

Why are only some of the product ingredients Organic?

Organic is excellent when it can do the entire job. An "all Organic” based product(s) typically cannot manage 100% of the heavy lifting needed to clean and pH balance a dog's coat and skin. 

Where are The Distinguished Doodle products made?

The Distinguished Doodle is made in the USA!

Why do I need to shake the products before use?

Because The Distinguished Doodle uses so many Natural and Organic ingredients. Those ingredients can settle if the packaging sits for an extended period. A good shake, and you’re good to go!